Small Businesses SEO Package

One of the biggest challenge Small businesses face in the cyber space is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Affordable SEO

SEO work is labour intensive, costly and time consuming. Most of the Small businesses cannot afford to invest huge sum of money to get their website rankings improved. It is one of the major hurdles faced by much small business.

We at BTS Softwares have devised a three-dimensional approach to SEO work. It significantly reduces the labor cost in SEO and helps achieving the desired results. This helps us to pass the benefit of the cost saving to small businesses and provide them SEO services at economical scale. The system is well tested and results are guaranteed .

We are so confident that we are even providing six month money back guarantee (if ranking is not improved from your current status)

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page SEO Optimization is a process in which physical website is optimized in order to meet the search engines criteria hence to get higher ranking. This is one time physical website work and when done properly, helps massively in increasing the website ranking.

In this package we will carry out on page SEO Optimization.


Off Page SEO Optimization

On-page search engine optimization happens within the site, while off-page SEO happens outside the site. Therefore all the activities that we do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page with search engines is known as off page SEO. The aim of the off page SEO is to get your website indexed in the major search engines including Google, so that your site will be in better visibility and higher ranking to the customers Vs your competitors. As a result, you you will get more customers to your site which results in more sales and more revenue.

We at BTS Tech have created a unique approach to carry out these activities with our three dimensional system built over the years to deliver small business SEO with the money back guaranteed ranking yet at an affordable prices.

Why not order today for your website and take advantage of our special offers with money back guaranteed. Either pay £99 per month or pay for six months 6 x £99 = Total £594 and get six month free

We are so confident that we are even giving you money back guaranteed, if after six months, we can not get you ranking for your website and higher visibility from your current position then you will be offered 100% money back with no question asked, we can not be more fairer than that, can we !

We look forward to serve you soon


Search Engine Listings

Google, Yahoo and Bing listing is included to help you get more exposure and visibility on searches done relevant to your business. This helps in increasing traffic & bringing new customers to your website hence increasing revenue.


Search Engine Positioning

Based on the Keywords, your website is consistently optimised in order to achieve higher results in search engines. This gives you more exposure to potential clients, enhance traffic to your website and increase revenue.


Social Media Marketing

We help you attract new customers from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and every social media network. Social Media is very important for SEO ranking in more than one way and SEO rankings cannot be achieved effectively without utilizing Social Media.

Our approach is highly effective with guaranteed results.

Once you subscribe, firstly your website will be analyzed completely by our top consultants and you will be provided with detailed report. Then based on the report, we will fix all the issues and do the needful activities to achieve the desired visibility and ranking.


Free Trial


BDT 54000/-



Pay for 6 month and get 6 month Free


BDT 9000/-


Monthly SEO Plan